Zycast Mpeg2 HD Modulator LCT-1631A

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Zycast Mpeg2 HD MOdulator

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Zycast Mpeg2 HD Modulator LCT-1631A

The Zycast Mpeg2 HD Modulator, model LCT-1631A, is a high definition, single input MPEG-2 only DVB-T modulator with HDMI, Component & Composite inputs – along with analogue audio input. Perfect for integrating into venues that have older Mpeg2 TV’s or requireMpeg2 compatibility.

Featuring an LCD menu display and improved modulation error ratio (MER), the LCT-1631A allows you to distribute any HD source around a home or business over coax to any MPEG-2/4 TV with ease.

It effectively encodes HD video and audio signals to MPEG-2 DVB-T COFDM TV channels. It is compatible with input resolutions of 576i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p, and works with both 2K and 8K carriers.

Users can adjust settings through a web interface and remote management is enabled via a PC.

The LCT-1631A features an adjustable VHF/UHF output (6-69) and is completely silent while operational.

It is completely configurable for the Australian and NZ markets.

Key Features

• HDMI, Component, Composite Inputs, RF Output

• Video resolution: Up to 1080i/1080p

• Cool & silent operation

• RJ-45 Port for Web Management

• Gain Control (-20dB Manual Attenuation)

• Perfect, clean and clear HD picture on high motion video, sports, text crawls/rolls, etc.


ZyCast LCT-1631A Single Input MPEG-2 HD Modulator with HDMI

The LCT-1631A is a cost-effective, single input MPEG-2 HDEncoder/Modulator that converts Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) high definition video and audio signals to COFDM. The unit’s front-mounted LCD allows for easy configuration and adjustments.

This compact and economical modulator is perfect for multi-video distribution solutions in the commercial and institutional market (hotels, motels, sports bars, restaurants, hospitals, casinos, business and university campuses, digital signage, etc.) as well as home entertainment systems.



Video / Audio Input
HDMI 1.4
Connector Single
Audio Embedded PCM
HDCP Compliance (Test Mode) 1.4
Component / Composite
Connector RCA x1 Set for Each
Audio Analog 3.5mm (Phone Jack)
Video/ Audio Encoding Profile
Video Codecs MPEG-2 VBR
  Bitrate (Adjustable) DVB-T:
HD: 12.0 to 24.0Mbps(Suggested Max. Bitrate 17Mbps for 16-QAM)
SD: 4.0 to 9.0Mbps
  Resolution Output Same as Input, Accepting Resolution as Follows:
1080p30 / 1080p25
1080i60 / 1080i50
720p60 / 720p50
576p / 480p
576i / 480i
Audio Codecs MPEG1 Layer II / MPEG4 AAC
/AC-3 Encode
Standard DVB-T
Connector 1x “F” Female
Output Level 95 dBµV Typical (With 20dB Range Manually Adjustable)
Flatness Across Full Band ± 2 dB Typical
MER 38 dB Typical @ 480.5 MHz under DVB-T Mode
Output Impedance 75 ohm
RF Output Return Loss 10 dB Typical
ModulatorSTD DVB-T (COFDM)
RF Mode Normal / Inverted
Frequency Range (AU / NZ) AU: 104.5 MHz to 816.5 MHz (Channel 5 to Channel 69)
NZ : 107.5 MHz to 858.0 MHz (Channel S1 to Channel 69)
Constellation (Output Bitrate, Max.) AU: 64-QAM (27.70Mbps)
NZ: 64-QAM (31.66 Mbps)
FEC 7/8
LCN Mode AU / NZ
OFDM Mode 2k, 8k
Guard Interval 1/32
Local Monitoring LCD
Web GUI Supported Firefox, Chrome
Password Protected GUI: User Settable
Power Supply 12VDC 1.5A
Consumption 5W
Operation Temperature 0°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Dimension Housing: 236(L) x 145(W) x 34(H) mm
Weight TBD
Language English


What’s In The Box

  • LCT-1631A Encoder/Modulator
  • 12V DC 1.5A Power Adapter
  • 3.5mm to 2 RCA Audio Lead
  • One installation / configuration manual

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