Video Wall Scissor Bracket

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The Milspec XYZ Video Wall Scissor Bracket is the perfect choice for stunning Video Walls, where proper alignment is key to the success of your final product.

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Video Wall Scissor Bracket

The Milspec Video Wall Scissor Bracket is XYZ Micro Adjustable for perfect Video Walls.

Easy to adjust with fingertips for perfect alignment on all four corners plus height adjustable and width spacing.

Using this bracket is a breeze compared to the others on the market, which have a very deep profile, require adjustment before commencing the job, and are difficult to align.

This Scissor Bracket is the perfect solution – no initial setup required, no assembly, just measure up, attach the bracket to the wall and the arms to the screen, pop on and you are ready for micro adjustments. Slim profile means a tidy wall, and micro adjustment means perfect corners and a flat plane across the wall no matter how large.

Servicing is simple – just pop in and pop out to service screens or replace panels.

Specifications :

Depth : 67mm to 265.5mm (when fully popped out – resting depth when locked is 67mm)

Width : 660mm

Height : 511.4mm

Up/Down Adjustment : 14mm

Forward/Back adjustment : 10mm

Suits Vesa up to 600mm x 400mm

Recommended screen sizes : 32″ to 70″

No Tools Required for Setup and Adjustment

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 10 cm


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