136″ All-in-One LG Smart Screen

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136″ All-in-One LG Smart Screen with LG One:Quick Compatibility, webOS 4.0™ Built-In Speaker.

The 136″ All-in-One LG Smart Screen is perfect for board rooms, venues, pubs, clubs in terms of both size and operability. Supercharge your business today with the leader in large screen technology.

LG LED All-in-One Smart Series
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LG’s Wireless Screen Sharing Solution, LG One:Quick Share*

LG One:Quick Share is a wireless screen sharing solution available through the LAEC series by using the USB One:Quick Accessory and its associated software app. Simply share your PC screen to the display by pressing the USB accessory button and adjust basic setting values of the connected display as needed without a remote control. The software also features Office Meeting Mode, which automatically displays the meeting agenda and notes before the meeting starts.
*Users need to set up Soft AP enabled at Network Menu of the Signage.
**Users can enable Office Meeting Mode at EZ Setting Menu of the Signage.
***LG One:Quick Share needs to be purchased separately.
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Easy Installation

The installation process of the All-in-One Smart series is very simple. After securing two cabinets which are included in the flight kit, attach each LED display module to them. Lastly, plug in the power cable. This simple installation saves time and labor, thereby making users handle the LED screen with ease.
*Additional screws for installing wall mount or accessories may be needed.
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Dedicated Installation Accessories

The LAEC015 ships ready-to-assemble in a professional, wheeled flight case, making it easy to transport inside your facility prior to installation. The case also includes every necessary component, including the landscape wall mount and tools for installation. The optional Motorized Stand, available for purchase separately, allows for mobility after installation and allows you to change the height of the display over a foot and a half.
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*Two AC cables are needed for 110V AC.
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*The availability of LG ConnectedCare differs by region.
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Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 180 × 80 × 200 cm


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