Harness Safety and Working at Heights in the Workplace

Harness Safety and Working at Heights in the Workplace is a significant risk area for technicians installing or maintaining Satellite and FTA equipment – technicians working at heights MUST wear a harness at all times, and carry a valid working at heights qualification.

No technician may access a roof or work at heights without suitable safety equipment, and recovery equipment.

At all times ladders must be tied off, and an approved anchor point must be used to attach the harness to.

Any technician found to be without a harness or suitable safety equipment will be immediately removed from site, and will not be allowed to re-enter site until the safety concerns have been adequately addressed.

It is the responsibility of all staff, contractors and sub-contractors to ensure we all get home safely at the end of each day. It is not worth the risk to you or your family to risk avoiding these necessary safety processes. Let’s all work together to ensure we maintain a 100% injury free workplace.

AusDigi operates in a Harm Free Environment, and if you are ever unsure of the risk, or unable to determine the risk, stop – call your supervisor and have a chat about alternative methods. A few minutes re-assessing that risk could save your life.

Remember, we are here to help, so don’t hesitate to call if you are unsure or wish to have a second opinion on a safety hazard.

Harness Safety and Working at Heights in the Workplace – Harness checks :

Harnesses must be checked every 6 months by a suitably qualified inspector, and should be checked EVERY DAY before, during and after use to ensure the equipment is in good order, and free of damage or wear and tear.

AusDigi has a qualified inspector available to check your harness, and these will be audited six monthly along with all other safety equipment as described in the AusDigi operations manual.