Ikusi Flow TV Headend incl 20 Foxtel Channels & FTA

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The Ikusi FLOW TV Headend for RF or IPTV content delivery.

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Ikusi FLOW TV Headend – IPTV & RF

The Ikusi FLOW TV Headend is designed for RF or IPTV content delivery designed for commercial or retail use (Hospitality, Unit Blocks, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals or estates). Delivers BOTH RF and IPTV signals concurrently !

The product listing is designed to process up to 20 channels of Foxtel services (NB smart cards and CAM modules required to decrypt Foxtel – which AusDigi can organise for you) and all local FTA stations and radio stations for your area.

Additional modules for external HDMI sources are also available. Fully customisable.

AusDigi can supply and install your Ikusi Headend – customisable for your venue, please contact us for different configurations.

The new Ikusi Flow headend features:
> Built In DRM protection
> High Density design for 19″ racks
> Convert any TV input into any TV output standard

New, easy to use, device manager – all programmed through a wifi enabled device such as iPad.

The perfect system to accompany the LG Pro:Centric system for integrated Hotel and Hospital systems.

For more information, please click on this link

Device Manager 

Device Manager is a new optional application (not included in price, please contact us for pricing) that can be integrated into Ikusi FLOW that offers management of the contents and of the devices on the IPTV network in a centralised way, allowing:
• Different lists to be made, offering the possibility of sending groups of content to devices either individually or in groups. It allows the contents available to be controlled on each of the televisions.
• The content that is to be reproduced on each viewing device (or multi-screen spaces) to be selected individually in a remote manner, allowing what is being reproduced at each viewing point to be managed and controlled.
• Televisions by the main manufacturers can be turned on, turned off and the sound controlled as on or muted. The list of available services can be allocated to groups or individual Televisions and channels can be remotely changed. The state of the Television can be viewed remotely as well as seeing what channel is playing.

Ikusi Device Manager is compatible with Philips, LG & Samsung televisions. AusDigi recommends LG TV’s using the Pro:centric operating environment for convenient DRM licensing and compatibility, and an advanced user experience.

Advanced TV Solutions for Hospitality

Ikusi is a pioneer in the development of solutions for the digital processing of video and television signals.
Ikusi offers the most innovative product in the in-room entertainment sector. These platforms can process different formats of video and audio to provide a high definition output channel, offer premium content, IPTV, and guaranteeing security of content.

For a customised installation or setup please contact AusDigi on 1300 541 001 to speak to one of our technicians, or click here to view our website

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Dimensions 80 × 50 × 50 cm


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