Digital FTA Mast Head Amplifier with 4G Filtering

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Digital FTA Masthead Amplifier with inbuilt 4G Filter

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The Hills Q-Amp Digital Amplifier is a fully flexible high gain masthead amplifier, designed in Australia for domestic and commercial TV reception applications.

The Q-Amp contains separate VHF (Ch 6 – 12) and UHF (Ch 28 – 51) low noise pre-amplifiers, which are followed by a more powerful amplifier stage.

A high pass filter ensures Band 1 (Ch 0 – 3) and FM signals are not amplified, ensuring better channel loading and improved impulse noise performance.

By switching either amplifier to “low gain”, the pre-amplifier stage is bypassed and the gain is limited in order to avoid overloading the amplifier.

This is recommended when signal levels are greater than approx. 60 dBuV.

In very weak signal areas, the high gain mode can be selected, which allows adjustment of the gain from 24 – 34 dB in the UHF band and from 22 – 30 dB in the VHF band.

Designed with a very low noise figure, minimum distortion and channel loading characteristics and adjustable gain, the Q-Amp can be adjusted to provide optimum reception in even the most difficult locations.

The Q-Amp is the solution to your many different installation applications.

There’s no need for many different masthead amplifiers that are VHF only, UHF only or even wide band only.

The Q-Amp provides it all in a compact weatherproof case.


Features and Benefits

  • Amplifies Channels 6 - 12, 27 - 51 only
  • Separate or combined VHF and UHF inputs
  • VHF/UHF Hi/Lo gain (prevents overloading)
  • Adjustable Gains between amplifier stages
  • Low noise figure
  • Fully shielded enclosure to eliminate interference
  • weatherproof case included
  • Power LED indicator
  • Switchable inputs
  • Included 4G/LTE rejection filter


4G Filtered Customer Benefits: 

  • To reject LTE/4G services that could cause interference with current Digital TV broadcasts
  • With one integrated product it will eliminate the need to purchase separately a in-line filter

These products are most likely to be installed in a metropolitan location where the density of 4G/LTE usage will be at a peak and so the extra rejection of a filter will significantly increase the interfering signal attenuation.

This has been implemented inside the standard housing with changes to the current PCB circuit/layout etc. designed with an included on-board 4G/LTE (694MHz) low pass filter to prevent any type of out-of-band interference.

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 5 cm


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